Winter Art Walk and Christmas Stroll 2014

Last year it was insanely cold here during the Annual Christmas Stroll. I think it was below zero and people were darting from store to store and pretending to have fun. Robin and I headed down with hot chocolates mixed with caramel vodka to help keep us warm. It sort of worked.

IMG_2676This year it was raining. The Sexy Master Electrician and I meet up with Robin and friends for a much more enjoyable stroll once the rain was gone. This time we were armed with spiked cider. This year the jumbo screen was up showing ski films and SLAM festival was in full swing. We didn’t do much other than wandering up and down Main Street. At the end people were lighting paper lanterns and letting them fly away, which was pretty cool.

IMG_2682The Winter Art Walks are always much more fun, I think anyway. The galleries are all open and most of the shops downtown have artists bring in work for the event. Most of them have wine and snacks for the people wandering through and this year, like last, the weather was perfect. We wandered around from gallery to gallery, collecting wine and checking out the art along the way.

IMG_2714My one complaint about art in this town, is that a lot of it is very western, very heavy, very literal. Some of it can be very nice, but I can only look at so many images of buffalo or dear or cows. There is some more modern, abstract work around, but not nearly as much as the western/mountain pieces. My favorite was the black and white images of New York displayed in a new wine bar, Corkscrew. Maybe just because they were of New York.

Megan, me, and Dawn at The Loft.   Image via Dawn

Megan, me, and Dawn at The Loft.
Image via Dawn

It was a great evening that end the same way last year did, on The Loft deck before heading downtown to enjoy a few drink with more friends and those on the Jingle Run, (Which I was suppose to do this year, but did not have proper attire…)

Jingle Runners

Jingle Runners

Maybe next year. For now, the downtown events are done and we have next summers art walks and music on main to look forward to!