Changing your Taste

The first weekend of January, some collage friends were back in town visiting and another invited ups up to his family’s Big Sky condo to hang out. I was all too willing to accept, even if I wasn’t going to be skiing, a mini get away with old friends is always fun. One of my friends brought Miracle Berries, the true reason for this post.

I had heard about these taste- altering berries awhile ago and was exited to give them a try.  They are a naturally occurring thing from West Africa that make sour things taste sweeter. The kind that we tried was Miracle Frooties. It was a tablet that you let sit on your tongue until it dissolves and then your taste will be altered for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or so. I guess it just depends on how you react to it.

MF (2)We tried some pretty sour stuff that tasted amazing. My favorite was the Kiwi. We had some pretty unripe ones that tasted so good to me. Robin was in love with the lime and ate so much it made her stomach hurt. I thought it was good, but it was almost too tart & sweet tasting to eat to much. Lemon was okay and kumquats were yummy. We also tried sour cream, which was rumored to taste like cheesecake. I think it just made it edible without anything else, but not like cheese cake. I didn’t think the sour patch kids were that sour to begin with, (am I crazy?), so they didn’t really do it for me, but others really liked them. The prosecco, already sweet, was way to sweet to drink while the berry was working. The last thing we tried was some super salty taco chips that lost their saltiness.

Some of the random things we tried. Minus the buns, they were just in the way.

Some of the random things we tried. Minus the buns, they were just in the way.

All in all it was a pretty fun little thing to do. I would love to try it with grapefruit, mango, tart apples, and goat cheese. I’m sure there are other things I also need to try it with, but that was a good start, and this would be a good follow up. Anyone else out there tried them?