Ousel Falls

IMG_3996While my mom was visiting over Labor Day this year, I tried to find an easier hike to do since last time she was here I drug her on a long six mile hike. The weather was also being uncooperative so something too long would probably end in a down pour. After a couple cloudy days, we finally had some sunshine on Monday and headed up to Ousel Falls in Big Sky.

On the way we stopped at the Coffee Pot for a huge caramel roll on the way, a new favorite. IMG_3995Then we continued through the canyon and to Big Sky. The trail head is easy to find and the roads well marked to it. In The Meadow you will turn south on to Ousel Falls Road and follow it until you see the parking lot and trail head.

The trail is wide and well maintained. It’s only about two miles out and back. The falls are not huge but they are lovely and so is the little hike to them. You can go stand right at the base:IMG_4010and up above: IMG_4011If your looking for an easy little hike that is shaded, I highly recommend it. Plus there are picnic tables at the end for you to enjoy the view and lunch while you’re at it.