Ryan Adams in Concert

IMG_4023A couple months ago after a few to several glasses of wine at my friends, a group of us decided we should go to the Ryan Adams show in Missoula. I had wanted to go, but figured I was the only freak in my friends who knew who he was, I was wrong. There was another and two others who thought it sounded like fun.

Fast forward the last Friday in May and we are on our way to Missoula. We knew it was at Big Sky Brewing, but had no idea it was outside and we were passing storms along the way. It turns out that they have a mini festival like space set up behind the brewery and the sky decided to be perfectly clear for the show.

One of the things I miss about New York is going to see bigger names at smaller venues. I’m not a huge fan of the stadium shows that we get out here, but this was just perfect. Apparently I need to check out their summer series because they get some great bands through. Wardell opened for Ryan.  They became the next days road trip music.  Ryan was awesome too.


I had an amazing time hanging out with some great friends and great music in the great outdoors.  I love summer in Montana.