White Sulphur Springs

White Sulphur Springs is a town about an hour and a half north of Bozeman. It is known for it’s annual music festival, Red Ants Pants.  While my mom was here, I thought we could go check out it’s other notable feature, hot springs.  You may be beginning to wonder if I have a problem. But trust me, if you had this many natural hot springs around you, you would also be in one as often as possible, especially in the spring, fall and winter.

Anyway, the day was rainy, perfect for hot springs. My friend had warned me that they were nothing fancy. I would say they are a cross between Chico and Norris,  the pools are cement and tile but the atmosphere is more rustic.  There is a hotel if you want to stay over night and the town is right there, so no need to drive around once you get there.

Maybe a bit rustic…

They have three different pools. Inside is the warmest where the spring comes in. It was around 105 degrees while we were there. We stopped in here first. I’m glad we did, when I tried to sit in it again at the end, I couldn’t take the steam anymore.  The other two pools are outside one is slightly warmer than the other. Both around the 100 degree mark. All in all it was great. The drizzle kept us from over heating. I only had two complaints. One,  is that they need benches in them, the smaller , warmer one outside had more seating areas, but I guess the cooler pool was to be more of swimming pool instead of soaking grounds.

The other complaint is that we should have went to Bar 47 to get our adult milkshakes to take to the springs with us. Bar 47 is just down the street a block and my friend told me we needed to get one. They are delicious.  Mom had the grasshopper and I had the Dirty Girl (AKA a root beer float with alcohol). It would have been wise to have them or some sort of beverage with us in the pool, but even as an after snack they were great.

Main Street- the street was closed for construction

After soaking we went to The Mint for broasted chicken. This was another stop we were told we have to make and that we would probably have to wait at least 30 minutes. We went, we waited, it was delicious. We were in there at an odd time in the afternoon. I guess at one point in time she told someone it would be  at least  three hours before she could put their order in. She can only do one order at a time in that contraption. She also makes your fries in there with the chicken. It was totally worth the wait.



Next time we will order the chicken to go, grab our shakes and take it all the to the hot springs. Lesson learned. And another awesome soak in the books.




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