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When I finally moved to Montana, I borrowed a car from my parents for a bit until I found Mercedes. She was a VW diesel Jetta and I wanted to love her so. However, she was a bitch. Other  people who have the same car and love it, would ask me how she was for gas mileage and then not believe me when I told them how low it was (for that car). She was constantly need to be fixed in some way and after her first Montana winter when she wouldn’t start for week because it was too cold, I installed a block heater. I tried so hard to love her for the last two years, but before Thanksgiving,  I took her in for some routine maintenance work. I was told that there was some rattling that they couldn’t find the source of and might need to take out the transmission to find it. I called my dad and told him what I knew and he said, “sell it, I’m done with it.” And I agreed.

I started looking into crossover SUV’s. Something a little bigger and able to go up in the mountains with much less trouble. Sure the gas mileage is much less, but after Mercedes, I didn’t care. I wanted something that was certified pre-owned or new. New was going to be a stretch with my budget, but if it was certified, at least the factory warranties were still in place and they were already checked for any major issues. And the car shopping/research began.

My top choices were the Honda CRV, Nissan Xterra and Nissan Rogue. I was really like the Xterra, but I also don’t really need an all-terrain vehicle, plus they discontinued them last year. I love the CRV, but hate the latest body styles. I had not really heard of the Rogue, but it had great reviews and is basically the same as a CRV. While we were in Billings before Christmas we did some test driving with no intentions of buying.

Of course, after driving a 2012 Rogue with less than 20 000 miles, heated leather seats, a sunroof, (didn’t think I would be able to get those in my budget!), navigation and the rest of the works, I was sold and they were offering me trade in value I couldn’t resist. After a couple hours debating in the hotel, we went back and purchased Shorty right before my office holiday party.

So far, she is a bad ass. all wheel drive is a wonderful thing I have never had before. With all the snow we have had this year, Mercedes wouldn’t have been able to get into our office parking lot. The Bluetooth connection to my phone is great, something I didn’t know I was missing. We are in the middle of a great love affair so far. Hopefully that doesn’t change and head down the path stupid Mercedes did. Fingers crossed this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
The Sexy Master Electrician’s favorite thing, light up logo.


The new Rogue.


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  1. Melissa Graveline

    SO exciting! Buying a new-ish car is so adult of you. It seems like a lot of updates have happened since I left the driving world. I’m glad you’re happy with it and hope it treats you well!

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