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A Trip Home [South Dakota Graduation Weekend]

yeah- we have a road named after us. No big deal.

This weekend my baby sister graduated from high school.  It’s kind of terrifying to think that 10 years ago, I was the one walking across the stage with 33 other people, (she was in a class of 24).  I flew home on Wednesday and my brother and sister picked me up from the airport on their way home.  On Friday, one of my dad’s brothers, Jim, and his family arrived.  I haven’t seen them in nine years, it was so good to see my cousins who are the same age as me and my brother.  My mom’s two brothers and their mom arrived and Friday as well with two more of my cousins.  It’s a good thing our Dunn Grandparents live through the trees, otherwise I don’t know where everyone would sleep and the closest hotels are a half hour away.  Who wants to stay that far from all the fun?

Top: the view from the ’76 Trail
Bottom: All the hikers at the top, Roughlock Falls, and Deadwood.

On Saturday, almost everyone vacated the house so mom and grandma could relax a bit before all the big day and Danielle could finish making the crazy cakes.  Some of us decided to go for a hike in Spearfish Canyon.  The ’76 Trail is only 3/4 mile long, but it gains 1000 ft in elevation.  It’s a bit like walking up a lot of stairs. The view of the canyon from the top is amazing definitely worth it.  We also checked out the beautiful waterfalls nearby. We also took a detour to Deadwood (it’s really just over the hills there) for some old time photos.  I might have to share them when I get them cause let’s face it, they are pretty awesome.

My little baby’s all grown up and going to college!

Sunday we had the final prep for the graduation reception and then enjoying Kristen’s hour long ceremony before hanging out with family eating great food and having fun.

Top: Thanks for the Flip Cup collage cousin Rachel!
Bottom: Rachel and I riding the horse.

Mom and dad decided that they needed to have an Empty Nest party since their last child is finally grown. This some how included horse riding, flip cup with about 20 people, (some where drinking water or pop), and a trip to the water tower  because there’s no place better to look at the stars.

Heading to the water tower- some by 4-wheeler other warm in a pickup.

Looking back, it was a pretty packed and hectic trip with all that went on an all the family that was there, but it was definitely a ton of fun.  Hopefully I will see my cousins a bit sooner than nine years, especially since I really want to check out Austin!