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Snowshoeing to Tower Falls [Yellowstone]

SSYNP TFA few weeks ago,  right when February started feeling like April, The Sexy Master Electrician and I headed down to Yellowstone to see what there was for snow and what we could do with it. We were thinking snowshoeing since it would probably be kind of icy for cross country skiing. And TSME still needs to work on his skiing skills. We drove down to the Mammoth Hot Springs and stopped at the gear shop at the hotel. We talked to the guys who run the gear rental shop. They recommended heading up to Tower Falls, they had some new snow over night, so hopefully it got more than a dusting up there. We figured why not and grabbed some snowshoes on the way out.

There wasn’t much new snow up at the trail, but it was a beautiful day for a hike. The trail is on the main road that they close for the winter. It’s about two and a half miles up to the falls, and it’s a steady climb the entire way up. We both started out with our snowshoes on, but someone may have tripped and might have thrown a bit of a fit and removed his about a quarter of the way up.

A fit capture via TSME's GoPro  (I spared you the image by image)

A fit capture via TSME’s GoPro (I spared you the image by image)

You really didn’t need them, they added a bit of traction, but that’s it. There was no worry of sinking through the snow on the trail. I eventually took mine off towards the top after stopping to admire the canyon.

snowshoeingThe whole hike was gorgeous. The views were wonderful and the falls were frozen over. You could just see the water moving below the ice.

It was so awesome to be at the falls with no one else around. We passed several people on the trail, but no one was there when we arrived. Last time we were there in the summer, the parking lot was completely full and the viewpoint was overrun with people. This time it was completely silent, everything shut down. We sat at the empty picnic tables and enjoyed lunch before heading back down.

SSYNP TF3On the way back we kept a lookout for the wolf tracks we had seen on the way up and realized they were following the trail for quite awhile. We should have been up early  to see them. Or not. Other than that we only saw some bison and elk off the trail and on the road.

And then we finished the day off the best way possible. At the Boiling River.

TSME's GopPro catching my true feeling stepping into boiling or freezing water.

TSME’s GoPro catching my true feeling stepping into boiling or freezing water- once we found our spot we stayed for over an hour.

Approaching the river via TSME

Approaching the river via TSME