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Wade & Cliff Lakes

UntitledLast summer on a random weekend, I packed up the camping supplies, rented a couple os SUPs and picked up my friend E. We headed south to Wade and Cliff Lakes. We had never been down there before but had heard it was a beautiful area and it was only about two hours away. The lakes are tucked behind some hills on a random dirt road. There is a campground at each lake and one in between on the hill. We arrived pretty early but all the spots on Wade Lake were taken and Cliff Lake was windy so we checked the hilltop instead and were able to grab one of the last spots. It was definitely a more popular spot that I expected. Several people looked like they were there for more than a weekend. We set up a tent to stake our claim and head back down to the water.
Untitled Untitled

People were fishing and hanging out on the beaches. We packed our lunch up on the boards and headed out. Both lakes are smaller and we were on Wade Lake. We went across the lake and back in a fairly lazy fashion. Coming back we were fighting wind, but once we reached the beach, we laid out with some wind and continued relaxing.

The campgrounds are the typical basic set up and we had a site backed up to cliff. The whole area is a geological fault where the lakes sit and is what created the cliffs around the area. There are little roadside signs and a walk from the campground to the lake explain it all. So beyond a beautiful site, you can get a geology lesson as well. A perfect weekend get away!