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RuntothePub (2)One of the only runs I have consistently run each year, unless I was not in New York, was the Salsa Run which was a 5K in Washington Heights. A group of us would get up early, ride the train for an hour and a half up to the top of Manhattan. Then we would drop back down Harlem for some chicken and waffles.  So when my friends here told me they regularly participate in the local Saint Paddy’s day Run to the Pub, I decided I should probably do it too.

The only thing that I was not really looking forward to was that this run had two options, 10K or a half marathon. I was not particularly interested in running either distance. I prefer to stick to my 5Ks, but that was not an option, so 10K it was. The last time I had run that far it was around Central Park helping Melissa train for her half.  I should have had time to train, but instead I was sick, spent my weekends skiing, and hurt my knee somewhere in there so I didn’t really do much training, I did manage to get four miles in the weekend before hand at least.

Buses waiting to take us to the start

Buses waiting to take us to the start

The start of the run is out of town, so they load us on school buses and drive us out because there is no place to leave vehicles. It wasn’t too cold in town, but out in the open, the wind was pretty chilly. I was wishing I had an extra layer for the first mile or so. I managed to keep up with my friend Daryl for the first half. He is real runner, but injured so I could some how keep up. My only goal was to complete it in under and hour and I did that. I wish I would have trained a little, because I could have run it faster, or paced myself at the end better. Next year.

RTP finish

Party at the finish

At the end of the run free beer was waiting for us. Some of our friends met us at the finish so we had brunch at Sobys. Then went home to shower, change and head back downtown to spend the rest of the day celebrating Saint Patrick. It was so nice once the sun came out. We were even enjoying our green beer outside at one point in time. Not what I had planned at all, but it was a blast. Next year I will be better prepared for all of it!

We needed some “coffee” to wake us up in the afternoon

Green beer!

Green beer!



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