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The Boiling River & XC Skiing in Yellowstone

The day after the Run to the Pub, a couple friends and I drove down to the northern entrance of Yellowstone to do some cross country skiing and soak in the Boiling River. It’s about a two hour drive through the gorgeous Paradise Valley down to Gardiner. The whole way down we were a bit worried that there would be no snow, the days before had been warm and there wasn’t much snow to be seen in the valley.

Professional XC skiers - Picture from MK

Professional XC skiers – Picture from MK

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xc yellowstone (2) xc yellowstone (15)Once we arrived at the Mammoth Hot Springs,  there was some snow, but it wasn’t great. Still we were determined to do ski at least the loop and there were others out doing the same. It was icy and we did have plenty of bare spots to walk through. Still it was a beautiful day with some amazing scenery and we had a good time before heading down to soak.

Picture from MK

Picture from MK

A ski may have run away when we were putting them back on after crossing a snowless zone

A ski may have run away when we were putting them back on after crossing a snowless zone

xc yellowstone (24)The Boiling River was a place I had passed by many times, but never stopped to check it out. The Boiling River is a spot on the Gardner River where a hot springs flows in an mixes with the cold river water to create a great spot for soaking. To get to the springs,  you have a little less than a mile hike along the river to the springs from the parking area that is just inside the park gate.

xc yellowstone (30)Everyone just leaves their towels and coats on the fence while in the river. One thing we forgot/didn’t think to bring was shoes we could wear in the water. The rocks are slippery and sharp and it would have been nice to have them as we made our way across them to the part of the pool that is well mixed. You have about 20 feet of alternating freezing cold water and boiling hot to get through, be able to move quickly would have been nice.

Once we made our way to the “pools,” it was so nice and relaxing. The water temperature was perfect almost perfect. Some times you just had to move around a bit to catch the right current. I could see how easy it would be to stay in there for a very long time, but we only stayed for about a half hour or so.

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see the steam of the springs way down there?

xc yellowstone (31)From here on out, unless it is absolutely impossible, I intend to stop at the Boiling River every time we go by. And next year we all decided we would get it together earlier in the season to go skiing down in park when there is snow. Winter is finally ending, but we already have several things planned for the next one, I think I’m gonna like it out here.

Snow boots and swimsuits

Snow boots and swimsuits

Directors chair

Director’s Chair Update | DIY

I forgot all the random stuff that I left at my parents when I moved to New York. I figured anything that was left would have been taken by my sibling. One of the things that was left behind was a director’s chair from Pier One. It was my old desk chair and until I found some thing better, I decided it would be again. I wasn’t a fan of the faded blue seat and back, so I decide it was time for some DIY.

I realize that I could have just replaced them, but where is the fun in that. Instead I picked up some paint and debated a pattern. I was going to do dots, but decided I would definitely mess them up and I would probably get sick of them. So I decided to go with a random taped pattern and I wouldn’t mind if the edge wasn’t perfect.

So here are your supplies for this easy little project:

  • fabric paint, I used Martha Stewart
  • paint brush
  • painters tape
  • something with a flat hard edge, like a credit card or paint scraper

Step One: Wash your fabric seat and back. Place it on a flat surface.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStep Two: Tape your lines. I did this pretty randomly, as you can see, but you could do this perfectly straight if you wanted. Use your straight edge to smooth down the tape to seal it to the fabric. I was actually really surprised by how crisp the line edges were. I didn’t think it would be so good, which is part of the reason why I avoided the dots.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStep Three: Paint! I needed two coats to cover the blue. This paint dries pretty fast, so I was able to flip the pieces over and paint them within an hour.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStep Four: Allow to fully dry and slowly pull the tape off the fabric.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPut the chair back together!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow the debate is do I paint the frame and if I do what color?

Sunday 30 7

Sunday Afternoon Coffee [Thirty]

If we were having coffee this afternoon I would tell you that yesterday was, most likely, my last ski day of the season. After skiing both days last weekend, I only had one day left on my pass for this weekend. Yesterday was the perfect spring ski day, it snowed four inches in the last 24 hours, it was sunny but still cool, and the hill was not crowded. It was a perfect end to the season.



Last weekend

Last weekend

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that after checking out the new(ish) cider house on Friday night we headed over to the Pour House for the Dueling Pianos. When we arrived the place was packed and people were singing with the pianist at the tops of their lungs. The girl was good, but the guy definitely kicked her butt. He did not play any Celine Dion as requested.

Cider Flight

Cider Flight

Dueling Pianos

Dueling Pianos

If we were having coffee this afternoon I would ask you if you have seen this website to be happy for 100 days. Would you sign up? I like the idea.

This fat cat makes me happy!

This fat cat makes me happy!

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I have been watching them slowly tear down a little piece of Bozeman, the downtown Kenyon Noble. Our office is right across the street from the old location and we have been watching them take it down. When they tore down the sign we were all watching at the window. The best part was the old sign outline you can see now that the “new” one was down.

Sunday 30 2Sunday 30 4


Change of Address

It only took me two and a half months and receiving an “I’m Moving!” email from a good friend to finally get my new address “cards” out to friends. I was going to send them via snail mail, but that was why I was dragging my feet in the first place, so I went with blind email instead.

And now I share it with you:

NY to MT addressInspiration came from my map I did awhile back of all my travels while trying to figure out where I was going to move. I did I final total of milage and last year I traveled 25581 miles in the air and 6681 on the ground. That’s crazy. It didn’t really feel like that much, but I guess when you run across the country and back again it adds up. I am very happy to have a place to call home after all of that and you are all welcome to visit me and the mountains any time.

Run to the Pub |10k

RuntothePub (2)One of the only runs I have consistently run each year, unless I was not in New York, was the Salsa Run which was a 5K in Washington Heights. A group of us would get up early, ride the train for an hour and a half up to the top of Manhattan. Then we would drop back down Harlem for some chicken and waffles.  So when my friends here told me they regularly participate in the local Saint Paddy’s day Run to the Pub, I decided I should probably do it too.

The only thing that I was not really looking forward to was that this run had two options, 10K or a half marathon. I was not particularly interested in running either distance. I prefer to stick to my 5Ks, but that was not an option, so 10K it was. The last time I had run that far it was around Central Park helping Melissa train for her half.  I should have had time to train, but instead I was sick, spent my weekends skiing, and hurt my knee somewhere in there so I didn’t really do much training, I did manage to get four miles in the weekend before hand at least.

Buses waiting to take us to the start

Buses waiting to take us to the start

The start of the run is out of town, so they load us on school buses and drive us out because there is no place to leave vehicles. It wasn’t too cold in town, but out in the open, the wind was pretty chilly. I was wishing I had an extra layer for the first mile or so. I managed to keep up with my friend Daryl for the first half. He is real runner, but injured so I could some how keep up. My only goal was to complete it in under and hour and I did that. I wish I would have trained a little, because I could have run it faster, or paced myself at the end better. Next year.

RTP finish

Party at the finish

At the end of the run free beer was waiting for us. Some of our friends met us at the finish so we had brunch at Sobys. Then went home to shower, change and head back downtown to spend the rest of the day celebrating Saint Patrick. It was so nice once the sun came out. We were even enjoying our green beer outside at one point in time. Not what I had planned at all, but it was a blast. Next year I will be better prepared for all of it!

We needed some “coffee” to wake us up in the afternoon

Green beer!

Green beer!


The Sip ‘N Dip

Hide and Seek

Yes- that is a mermaid you see…

Oh the Sip ‘N Dip. The only place in Montana where you can go enjoy a large fishbowl cocktail while watching mermaids swim behind the bar as you watch from your tiki themed booth while listening to Piano Pat play some Johnny Cash. I have been this diamond in the rough a few times since thanks to a couple weddings and other shenanigans that have taken me to Great Falls and it never fails to amuse me.

The one on  the left was being sassy

The one on the left was being sassy

sipndip (2)sipndip (16)While on our way to Whitefish to ski, we stopped in Great Falls. It was Valentine’s Day and we decided that the best way to spend it would be at the Sip ‘N Dip. The place is famous. It has made the top 10 of GQ’s best bars in a America. Piano Pat is a living legend who is pushing 80 and still singing, CBS even did a story on her.

Piano Pat

Piano Pat

Such an unassuming front

Such an unassuming front

You kind of have to go if you are in Great Falls on a Friday or Saturday night. The bar is located on the second floor of a hotel and the mermaid swim in the pool with windows behind the bar. The more you tip them, the more tricks they do. Robin and I managed to finish a delicious fish bowl all by ourselves. These are bigger than your head. It’s such a funny place and I love checking it out every chance I get. You should too.

Robin & I are pretty awesome at posing for pictures

Robin & I are pretty awesome at posing for pictures- thanks for taking many Greg!


Sunday Afternoon Coffee [Twenty-nine]

IMG_0403If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I love skiing! Yesterday was another beautiful day up at Bridger. A bit cold in the morning, but it was sunny and there was fresh snow. That said, I am getting excited for spring! IMG_0404

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I love Nate Berkus. He is adorable, plus his designs are great too. This new Banana Republic ad campaign just makes you sick because of how cute he and his fiance. Why are all the good ones gay?

IMG_0406If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I had a blast Friday night with a group of friends who went out to Belgrade see The Max. We danced nonstop and had such a blast. The bassist has his own little fan for blowing his long hair around. IMG_0394One of my friends knows the bad members, so we ended up taking some pictures with him and our hair blowing. We were also singing Disney songs in the car on the way home. Again. Loudly singing Disney songs seem to be our thing lately, in public, in the car, where ever.


If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you that I am officially a Montana Architect. My license finally showed up. For the next few months, I will be an architect in two states! Fancy. Now I need to get a stamp here.

ccf9d308-d197-42a6-ad54-5546686007d6If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you to look at this piece about John Steinbeck on New York. While I don’t feel like it “had beat the pants off me.” Or that it was ” an ugly city, a dirty city.” It did take a lot to try to stay on top of things. I do agree with this part:

But there is one thing about it—once you have lived in New York and it has become your home, no place else is good enough. All of everything is concentrated here, population, theater, art, writing, publishing, importing, business, murder, mugging, luxury, poverty. It is all of everything. It goes all right. It is tireless and its air is charged with energy.”

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would tell you I am currently killing it with my March Madness picks. I rarely win anything. For once I did a little bit of research before making my picks and at the time of this post, was in first place in my friends pool and have been for two days. Too bad it probably won’t last for long, but I will take it for now:)

If we were having coffee this afternoon, I would show this video of how last night ended. I blame the green hat. Every time I wear it, something ridiculous (and let’s face it, entertaining happens). It was one of those nights that was just suppose to be dinner. Then it was and drinks. Then and dancing. Then and after party. Then and trying to recreate dirty dancing.  The third try was slightly better. 

I need to work on my core strength. And for the record, I was the DD both Friday and Saturday nights, so how I let myself get talked into this stuff sober is unknown.